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HI' I'm Leony van Schalm, the owner of the Schatelier since 2018. I develop myself as a Designer In Minimalistic Design. Here I mainly use authentic finds that have escaped human attention over time. My eye falls with love on structure, lines & shapes. By reusing and transiting It into porcelain, It makes It a functional object In the interior or commits another destiny. This gives the product a valuable and durable character. This also applies to the discoveries of nature, In which I immortalize the transience and give a new function to the seed bulbs of the poppy's or to the dandelion ear pearls.

The work is close to myself, what I own is sustainable, functional and minimal. I also let this grow in my work. Porcelain is delicate but requires patience, respect and time to get it worked. I balance on the boundary between art and design. In a number of works (Servies der lusten & De Koningskraag) I was inspired by great masters such as Jheronimus Bosch & Rembrandt van Rijn. In 2021 I am working on an upcycling project by Jaap Kruithof (1929-2009). A philosopher who was against the throwaway society. He collected 10,000 things. I received four boxes with random collectibles from MAS Museum aan de Stroom in Antwerp. These objects become part of an art project.


* Jaap Kruithof | Online Blog April 2022

* SPRMRKT | December 2021 MESS Harderwijk

* Expo Noord West Veluwe Kunstroute | 18 & 19 september 2021 

*  Window Show - Poppy Art - Donkerstraat 25 Harderwijk | 2021





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