I graduated in Product Design at the High School for the Arts in Utrecht. I have been the owner of the Schatelier since 2018. I develop myself as a Designer in minimalistic Design. Here I mainly use natural resources, nature and authentic finds that have escaped human attention over time. The authentic rare materials originate from the 20th century. My eye falls with love on structure, line & shape. By reusing and transiting it into porcelain, it makes it usable again in the interior or gets a different destination, this gives the product a valuable and durable character. This also applies to the discoveries of nature, in which I immortalize the transience and give it a new function such as the poppies (Poppy Pods) as wall vases and the dandelions as portable ear pearls.

The work is close to myself, what I own is sustainable, functional and minimal. I also let this grow in my work. Porcelain is fragile but requires patience, respect and time to have it processed. I balance on the border between Art and Design. In a few works (Servies der lusten & De Koningskraag) I was inspired by great masters such as Jheronimus Bosch & Rembrandt van Rijn. In 2021 I'll be working on a upcycling project by Jaap Kruithof (1929-2009). A philosopher who was against the throwaway society. He collected 10,000 things. I received four boxes with random collectibles from MAS Museum aan de Stroom In Antwerp. I will use this raw material for our future.


* Next summer I will participate in the art route Noord West Veluwe. This will be announced in January 2021 and you will find it on my site.

* Last Expo December 2020 :  Window Show - Poppy Art - Donkerstraat 25 Harderwijk 



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